Tribute to Herman Brood

Hey Dutchie Amsterdammers,

The fall is here as well as delicious late harvested and seasonal ingredients to taste. Oh boy! It's also the perfect opportunity to dedicate a 3 course meal to HERMAN BROOD.

Herman Brood, was (is) the enfant terrible of the Dutch Rock n' Roll scene, successful painter and an enthusiast of some of the forbidden fruits of life 🙂 He left a great legacy for us to discover.

It will be a shared dinner table meal, the time for you to dine with your friends and friends-to-be.

On the 11th of October the dinner will take place at Goed Idee Elien, an alluring spot in the West. From 6pm onwards. The Dutchie Amsterdam crew is super excited to serve a meal which you'll not forget. A fitting tribute to the master.

Fwd the word

Tot Dan!